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LOCK-RIGHT is known for its ease of installation. In most applications, the complete installation takes less than two hours. No special tools or oils are required. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the LOCK-RIGHT with common tools (wrench, screwdriver). Detailed instructions are provided with each unit that include diagrams and photos.

There are basically two different types of installation.

1. Differential cases that you can access through the rear differential cover. Most AMC, Chrysler, Jeep, General Motors, and late model Ford vehicles have differentials that require this type of installation. This installation is the easiest because you simply remove the rear differential cover bolts to access the differential case. A summary of the steps are as follows:

  • Remove the bolts on the differential cover and drain the oil.
  • There is a cross shaft retaining bolt that holds the cross shaft in place. Remove this bolt and the cross shaft can be removed.
  • Push in each axle to remove the c-clips (if the vehicle has c-clips). C-Clips hold the axles in place. On some vehicles, the axles are held in place at the outer ends of the axles near the wheels.
  • Remove the stock side and spider gears and the thrust washers that are on the these gears.
  • Install the Lock-Right gears in place of the original side and spider gears. The thrust washers are re-used. If the vehicle uses c-clips they are put back in place.
  • Install the cross shaft, retaining bolt, differential cover and fill with oil.

2. A second type of installation involves a vehicle with a third member. Third member style differentials are removed from the driveshaft side of the vehicle (Ford 9 inch and most import vehicles). Installation in these types of differentials is easy once the third member is removed from the vehicle.

  • Disconnect the driveshaft.
  • Remove the third member from the differential carrier.
  • Remove the side gears, spider gears, and the thrust washers that are on these gears.
  • Install the Lock-Right gears in place of the original side and spider gears. The thrust washers are re-used. Install the cross shaft.
  • Put the third member back in place and fill with oil.

NOTE: This is a brief description of the installation instructions and is not to be used for actual assembly. A detailed owners and installation manual come with every Lock-Right kit. Vehicles that have low gear ratio's (numerically high) can often require a more extensive installation because of the ring gear thickness.

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