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Dominate With NEW Powertrax Traction Differentials

Dominate With NEW Powertrax Traction Differentials


POWERTRAX® proves that you don’t have to choose between the superior traction of a locking differential and smooth handling and drive-ability of an open differential.

Powertrax Grip-Lok, Lock-Right Lockers and No-Slip Traction Systems automatically provide 100% traction on-demand, under the toughest circumstances.

The POWERTRAX® GRIP-Pro and GRIP-LS performance limited slips offer smooth dependable torque transfer and traction for the best of both worlds!

GRIP PRO by Powertrax
  • Forged Steel
  • Fully Machined
  • Black Chromed
  • 6 Pinion Design Top/Bottom Vs. 4 (Competitor) Allowing For A Smoother And Quieter Torque Transfer
  • Torque input variable limited-slip builds progressive traction on-demand
  • Ford 8" and 9" (9" 28 31 & 35 spline)
GRIP LS by Powertrax
  • Fully Machined
  • Black Chrome
  • Carbon Fiber Clutches
  • “S” Spring design
  • Designed for street and strip
  • GM 10 Bolt 8.5"/8.6" 28 & 30 spline
  • GM 12 bolt car - coming soon
  • Ford 8.8 31 spline - coming soon
GRIP LOK by Powertrax
  • Fully Machined
  • Black Chrome
  • Full Case Strength
  • Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Lock
  • Designed for street, strip & circle track